Tinder is a social app which uses location to find users in the same radius. It is the world’s most popular app and has millions of matches regularly. Tinder has undoubtedly worked its wonders around the globe but it is not without its faults. Like all the other applications, be it social media or Video Calling App, Tinder has its limitations too. It lags down and irritates the users at times.

The Tinder Customer Service will provide you with all kinds of help but for that, you need to know the issues that are likely to arise. The various issues you might face while using Tinder are as follows:

  • There are many Logging in issues that you might encounter while using the app like trouble in changing your email address that is connected to your account, facebook permission that is required to log in, error message popping up at your display, SMS verification issues or any other error that you may face while logging in.
  • Issues related to paid features like Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold subscription issues, unable to restore your purchases, unable to activate your boost or any other issues related to your monthly boosts, location issues etc.
  • Also, issues related to Billing and payment like you are unable to view your payment history, issues with your refund, other subscription issues that you might face, or you need to update your payment details.
  • Issues related to discovering other users in the app like you are unable to see users while swiping, unmatched profiles related to your age and gender, location issues which are providing you with far away matches etc.
  • Matches and Message related issues are in plenty. You might face difficulty in getting any matches or face trouble downloading photos of the matches.
  • The issue with your profile picture, bio and other settings like your school or employment information, age or gender information or issues regarding your push notifications.

These issues can be brought to our experts at Tinder Customer Support. We are a team of experienced experts to provide you with the best technical assistance in your hour of need.

Tinder Customer Support that we provide.

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